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At a young age (for many of us) wood, fire and smoke are a part of our lives. The feeling of togetherness that barbecue brings to so many of us is truly a blessing. The best part about barbecue is there are so many forms, no wrong or right way to do it. Everybody has had the most “Bad Ass Barbecue” somewhere. It doesn’t matter where it is, how you like it, or who made it. What matters is how it makes you feel and what memories it brings back every time you have it. There is no better feeling than being around family and friends and having them enjoy and devour your craft. The time, love, and energy you put into making it perfect is second to none. The talk around the table of you nailing it once again and everybody asking for more!

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No matter what your version of bad ass barbecue is, Double D’s was made for you. It is for every backyard pit master and person who needs that fire and smoke to remind them of what has been a constant throughout their life. It’s about days spent at the little league field, tailgating before watching your favorite team, the bonfire at the beach, camping in the mountains and the open flame flickering in the night. It’s the cold ones cracked in your backyard with the ones you love. This is not just Bad Ass Barbecue, it is life. And in this life you should never settle for anything less than Bad Ass in everything! You deserve it!

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